"I played for Coach Denny at Greenway High School,  he was passionate about the game the first day we stepped out on the field. Defensively, he helped teach me how to manage a game as a catcher and how to be an effective leader on the field. He has a great baseball mind and understands the game not only from a physical stand-point but from the mental side as well. I still enjoy going back in the off-season to work out and just talk baseball. I would recommend Coach Denny to any player trying to improve their game."
-Daniel Butler
      Boston Red Sox 
                  Washington Nationals                   
"Getting to work with Otis and Denny has been tremendous. These guys truly understanding hitting and the game of baseball as a whole at every level. I would recommend to a player from little league to the big leagues." 
- Cole Tucker (Pirates 1st rd pick 2014)

Cannon Peery Progress

Looking back as a parent on the time Hunter spent learning from Trent and Matt was vital to the success he is having as a college player from many aspects from the mechanics to the mental side. Also love the fact that hunter continues dialogue and advice with the zona guys even today... thanks Zona Baseball you made a positive impact in baseball and life for our son... Debbie and Jeff Lessard
- Hunter Lessard (Glendale CC)

"After playing for Coach Denny I can honestly say he got me ready for not only college baseball but he also taught me things I still use in pro ball today. In my opinion he is one of the best baseball minds in Arizona. He teaches all aspects of the game such as hitting, fielding and how to approach the game the correct way. He will not only prepare you physically, but also mentally prepare you for game competition. I would recommend him to any type of player if they are truly interested in playing at the next level." 
                                                -Scott Squier
                                                 University of Hawaii
                                                 Miami Marlins (16th rd pick)

"I have played baseball for 20 years and have coached for the past 6 years. I played for the Baltimore Orioles and the Traverse City Beach Bums. I was fortunate to play in the Junior College and NCAA College World Series. I have played for Coach Denny and have had the chance to work with Coach Otis. Those guys are a huge part of my development as a player. They make the game exciting, but teach you the right way to play. These two coaches are two of the most respected coaches in the game today. As a coach today, I am using the same tools and philosophy to teach our young players the correct way to play. I have had the opportunity to play for many coaches throughout my career and still to this day I would love to play for Coach Denny and Coach Otis again. Not only have they made me a better player, but they have made me a better person."
                                                                    -Scott Mueller
                                                                      Arizona State University
                                                                      Baltimore Orioles
                                                                      Traverse City Beach Bums

"Working with Trent gave me the information and understanding I needed to develop the swing I wanted.  He has a wealth of knowledge about the swing and does a tremendous job teaching in ways that help a hitter grasp the concepts.  I wish I had been able to get the instruction I had from Trent earlier in my baseball career, but know that with his help now I am on track with where I want to be with my swing. "

                                                Tanner Lubach 
                                                       Univ. of Nebraska
                                                        LA Angels (9th round)
                                                        Lake Erie Crushers